Uses of Sugar

55-60% of the energy we acquire from the foodstuff and drinks we consume throughout the day comes from carbohydrates. Sugar as the building block of carbohydrates is one of such. The experts state that the minimum amount of sugar that a person should take daily is between 30-35 grams. It should be remembered that the only energy substance used by the brain is sugar.

Sugar is quite significant particularly for the food industry. In addition to foodstuff, sugar is also used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In addition to sugar produced from beet, molasses and pulp are obtained as by-products. The molasses is used in industries where sugar is used for its ingredients; Pulp, another by-product, is used in animal feed and biogas plants.


  • Food industry

Sugar is used alone as a food, as well as as an additive and auxiliary substance.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

It is used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.


Areas of use in the food and chemical industry

It is used in the production of ethyl alcohol, in the production of animal feed, as a raw material for fermentation of namely vinegar, sourdough and fodder yeast. There are also areas of use in the production of adhesives, construction mortars and the cosmetics industry.


Sugar is an important and inexpensive nutrient for livestock. It is used in the production of methane gas in biogas plants. Methane gas is present in the structure of natural gas, which is an indispensable energy source in our daily lives. Natural gas consists of 90% methane, 10% ethane, propane and butane.