What is Sugar?

Sugarcane is grown in Brazil and nearby Latin American countries, India and China, and in regions with tropical and semi-tropical climates. Sugarcane farming cannot be carried out in Turkey due to the climate. Sugar is produced only from sugar beet in our country due to the suitability of the climatic conditions and the fact that it is more economical.

Sucrose, colloquially called tea sugar and table sugar, is a disaccharide represented by the formula C12H22O11 and formed by the combination of a glucose and a fructose molecule. The chemical name of sucrose is β-D-fructofuranosyl-(2→1)-α-D-glucopyranoside.

The minimum amount of sugar required to be taken daily, which has a quite significant role in human nutrition, is 30-35 g. The energy released as a result of the physical combustion of 1 gram of sugar is 16.8 kJ or 4.0 kcal.

Pure sucrose is bright, white, odorless and crystalline, giving a pleasant, sweet tea-sugar flavor when ingested. The natural sugar is the one obtained from beets.