Useful Information
  • 1g of sugar is an average of 4 kcal.
  • Depending on the availability of sugar in the sugar beet, 1 kg of crystal sugar is obtained from an average of 8-9 kg of beet.
  • The minimum amount of sugar that a person should consume is 30-35 g per day.
  • Brown sugar is a type of sugar obtained by mixing sugar with edible cane molasses, ranging from light yellow to dark brown, containing aroma and minerals of various color tones.
  • The sweetness is related to the amount of sugar and not to the crystal size of the sugar. The the sweetness of the same amount of coarse crystalline sugar in standard quality and fine crystalline sugar are the same. Sugars produced in all factories and marketed bearing the same weight have the same sweetness.
  • Sugar can remain intact for a very long period provided it is stored in a cool and dry place. In case the unpackaged sugar is kept unsealed, it will absorb the moisture in the environment after a while and become moist since the humidity in the structure of the sugar is very low, and as a result of which caking will probably occur.
  • In our country, the raw material of crystal sugar is sugar beet, and the raw material of starch-based sugar (SBS) is corn. According to the Biosafety Law, it is forbidden to use GMO production materials in agricultural activities in our country. While there is a lot of GMO corn in the market, there is no GMO in sugar beet production.
  • Turkey is one of the top 5 countries in the world in beet sugar production.
  • The white crystal sugar does not contain any additives. Sugar is one of the purest foodstuffs as it has 99.9% purity.