Quality Policy

I am a precious and hardworking individual. I offer my labor, intelligence, knowledge and skill. My colleagues are also hardworking and competent people. Common beliefs and values of employees establish our “Corporate Culture”. We have to transform our customers’ expectations into customer satisfaction. In order to achieve such, I meet all of my customers’ expectations and execute manufacturing in compliance with national and international standards and values.

This is our conscientious commitment.

I constitute a greater entirety with other employees. I share what I know and learn what I do not know from those who know it. Our partnership on knowledge and skill makes us an accomplished team. Our complementary efforts enable us to maintain our superior quality. I carry out my responsibility properly and at once in order to improve myself, my company and my country.

This is our humanitarian commitment.

Achieving the level of prosperity of developed countries and securing the future of my nation is our common goal. We fastidiously comply with the new principles which modern business life and competitive economy require. It is our duty to decrease costs, bring new Technologies in our constitution, increase our competitive power and produce knowledge, skill and solution. The quality of our products, the efficiency of our efforts, and the timely delivery of our products is our honor.

This is my national commitment.

Behind the interest shown our products lay this partnership agreement and this confidence. For our company and for us, this trust means a “Word of Honor” and a “Quality Policy”. In order to comply with the commitments stated above, Binbir Gıda has established a Quality Management System and promises to perform the requirements of this system and to improve the efficiency of this system constantly.


As Binbir Gıda, for the reflection of our principles, which we faithfully implement in terms of our institutions and employees, on our products and customers in the form of “food quality and safety”;

  • Providing reliable, high quality and delicious products to our customers,
  • Implementing our “quality and food safety standards” in accordance with national and international standards and legal requirements,
  • Carrying out all production processes with awareness towards natural resources under advanced technological and hygienic conditions,
  • Our lands and the fertility of our lands are entrusted to us by the Turkish Nation. Achieving a quality exceeding the expectations of our customers instead of staying contented and settling for less; developing innovative and healthy approaches respecting the environment and nature in production processes,
  • Deploying digital means and advanced technology solutions in addition to our ancient agricultural knowledge in order to continuously improve both soil and product quality and our production and operation performance,
  • Integrating our operation in our product testing and quality laboratories with the principles of our "Quality Policy" and our corporate conscience,
  • Organizing our understanding of Quality and Food Safety in a manner including all physical processes from seed to field, from harvest to packaging, from timely transportation to delivery of the product without limiting such understanding only to production,
  • Continuously increasing production, production efficiency, food safety and quality, and accessibility by our customers with the awareness of procuration of continuity in food production and increase of efficiency beyond the Binbir Gıda economic transition serving as a fundamental condition for the perpetuity of present societies constitute “Our National and Humanitarian Commitment”.